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bbq/all-you-can-eat: tian ji stone bbq (田季石燒)

date may 22, 2011

contact No. 323, Fuxing N. Rd., Songshan District, Taipei City/台北市松山區復興北路323號/02.2712.0095

hours 7 days a week 12:00-03:00

price Monday-Thursday 16:00-22:00 499NT for 2.5 hours/Friday-Sunday 16:00-03:00 499NT for 2 hours/Monday-Friday 12:00-16:00 399NT for 2 hours/Monday-Friday 22:00-03:00 399NT for 2 hours (all +10% service charge)

rating ♥♥♥♥ (4 out of 5 hearts)

nearest mrt Zhongshan High School MRT (捷運中山國中站)

website http://www.stone-bbq.com

Two live DJs + all you can eat bbq, why not? My friend informed me that we’d be eating at an all you can eat stone bbq place that had DJs. My initial reaction was, “Wait. What? DJs?”

Tian Ji Stone BBQ is located about a 5 minute walk going south on Fuxing N. Road from Zhongshan High School MRT station. I highly suggest making reservations, because even though this place is really big, it’s also very popular and very busy. We made reservations for 7pm for 6 and were sat almost immediately upon arrival.

Each table seats four people and comes equipped with a giant stone grill and a small gas burner with a bowl of water to boil vegetables in. We asked what kind of stone it was and he said 水晶 something (some kind of crystal). Upon sitting, an employee came to show us the “proper” method of grilling on the crystal slab. We were told to squirt some water on the meat to keep it from sticking to the stone and then squirt water on the crystal to cool it down.

Everything is self serve. They seemed to do a pretty good job of keeping everything well stocked. There was a lot of seafood and meat (pork, chicken, and beef). They had a decent selection of vegetables as well.

There was a large selection of different cuts and types of meats. Everything we had was good.

Drink wise there was a pretty decent selection. They had mini cans of 7-up, Pepsi, Pocari Sweat, and some tea. They also had dispensers with juice, water, and tea, as well as calpis slushy dispenser. Dessert wise they only had frozen yogurt. The frozen yogurt was not very creamy, more icy, but really, I didn’t mind considering that we all ate a lot and creamy probably wouldn’t have made us feel any less full.

The DJ station is at the back of the restaurant. They did a lot of birthday shoutouts, but mentioned something about not really taking requests because there were too many to accommodate. They played a wide variety of music: American hip-hop, Taiwanese pop, 90’s rock, lots of random stuff. Sometimes I felt like I was at a club, other times I felt like I was at a wedding reception.

Overall, this place is pretty cool. Kind of a fun atmosphere. Good place to get dinner with friends, celebrate something. The food is good, the price isn’t bad, and it’s a fun place to be.