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vietnamese/curry: feng yan vietnamese restaurant (鳳燕越南小吃店)

date april 18, 2011

contact No. 5-5, Lishui St., Taipei City,/台北市麗水街5-5號/02.2396.4078

hours 7 days a week [lunch] 11:00-14:00/[dinner]17:00-21:30/closed the last Monday of the month

price 100-150NT

rating  ♥♥♥♥ (4 hearts out of 5)

nearest MRT Guting (捷運古亭站)

I love curry and I love cheap hole in the wall places. My friend Tina brought me to 鳳燕越南小吃店 after a failed attempt to go to the Japanese restaurant next door. Lishui Street (麗水街) is located near Yong Kang Street (永康街), where all the beef noodle soup (牛肉麵) and the original Ding Tai Fung (鼎泰豐) is.

The menu is all in Chinese and located on the wall outside of the restaurant. There was a lot of stuff on the menu that looked really good, but I had a craving for curry, as I often do, so I got the Homestyle Vietnamese Chicken Curry with rice (越南家鄉咖哩雞肉飯) for 110NT. Tina ordered the Coconut Milk Seafood Curry Soup with noodles (椰奶咖哩海鮮湯河粉) for 120NT. We also decided to split the Papaya Salad (涼拌木瓜絲) for 50NT. Note that the restaurant is really small, like maybe sits 15 people max inside. It was packed the whole time we were there; she said this place is pretty popular.

I really love papaya salad, so I’ve had a lot of it. This Papaya Salad (涼拌木瓜絲) for 50NT wasn’t bad. There was something about it that was missing, but overall it was pretty good and had a pretty good balance of sweet, tangy, and spicy.

The Homestyle Vietnamese Chicken Curry with rice (越南家鄉咖哩雞肉飯) for 110NT actually comes with the option of rice or noodles. I opted for rice, although next time I want to try the noodles. The rice comes with eggs, stir fry vegetables and rice cakes, all of which were good; standard, but good. The curry was pretty tasty. There is a drizzle of coconut milk and crushed peanuts on top which is pretty good. The chicken is actually a chicken leg, on the bone, and not sliced chicken, so be prepared for that. The chicken was really tender and very flavorful. What I loved most was that buried under the chicken was a piece of taro and some sweet potato. I love sweet potato and taro, especially when marinated in tasty flavors. The curry flavor was pretty strong, which I like. I really am not a fan of watery curry. I would definitely get this again.

Here’s a closer look at my Homestyle Vietnamese Chicken Curry with rice.

Tina opted for noodles and got the Coconut Milk Seafood Curry Soup with pho noodles for 120NT. All of the noodle dishes come with the option for pho noodles (河粉) or vermicelli noodles (米線); Tina got the pho noodles. She said that it was good, but a little salty. I tried a sip of the soup, and she was right, it was really good, but a little salty. Honestly, I wouldn’t have really minded, as I like salty foods.

Overall, I really liked this place. There was a couple sitting at our table who got Pho and it looked really good. It looked like most of the people there were actually ordering the Pho, so I will definitely be back to try it.

japanese/curry: magic curry (魔法咖哩)

date January 17, 2011

contact B1, No. 38, Sec. 1, Zhongxiao West Road, Taipei City/台北市忠孝西路一段38號B1/02.2388.6298

hours 7 days a week 11:00-22:00

price <300NT

rating ♥♥♥♥ (4 out of 5 hearts)

website http://www.magiccurry.com.tw/

nearest mrt Taipei Main Station MRT (台北車站捷運站)

I love all curry: Japanese curry, Thai Curry, Indian Curry, ect. If it’s curry I like it. I’ve been to two of Magic Curry’s locations (one at Taipei Main Station and one at Ximen MRT) and food wise, it’s the same. The one at Taipei Main Station is out of the M6 exit, located right beneath the Caesar Park Hotel.

The location at main station has quite a bit of seating. At peak dinner hours, though, expect a wait. The longest I’ve had to wait was maybe 20 minutes for a table for four around 19:00.

The menu is mostly curry, so if you don’t like curry, don’t go. They have maybe a few items that are curryless, but really why would you go to a place called Magic Curry if you didn’t like curry. Every time I go I end up with the garlic pork curry (蒜味豬肉咖哩) for 190NT (240NT for a set meal).

This last time I decided to add cheese for an added 10NT. My friend Stephanie got the same thing but added a hot springs egg (溫泉蛋) for 25NT (note that the egg is raw and put into the curry to cook). They give you the option for how spicy you want it. I got “big spicy” (大辣) this last time because the medium spicy (中辣) was not spicy at all to me the times before. “Big spicy” was perfect for me, spicy enough for me to feel the heat, but not so spicy that my lips or tongue was numb. Note that I LOVE spicy foods. For people who are sensitive to spice, go small spicy (小辣). I like the flavor of the garlic curry. It has a very rich curry flavor; it is also thick which I like. They put an ample amount of cheese on my curry which was awesome because I love cheese. The pork was really tender too.

Rice comes with all of the curry dishes. You can request more rice and more of the pink pickled radish on top of the rice free of charge. The most I’ve seen someone eat was three plates of rice. So for those with a big appetite, or if you just really like rice, you can eat as much as you want here.

Just for reference, this is the garlic pork curry with hot springs egg.

Our friend Josh is a vegetarian so he got the vegetable curry set meal (健康素菜咖哩) for 230NT (a la carte 180NT). I didn’t try any, but he said it was good, and it looked good. Set meals come with a soup, salad, drink, and dessert. I have gotten set meals before. Everything is pretty standard. Although, this time Josh got an apple cinnamon ice cream that was delicious! It tasted like apple pie goodness.

Price-wise it’s okay. Not really expensive, but not cheap either. Stephanie was disappointed that her curry was not as hot as it should have been (probably from the raw egg). Overall, I like this place. It’s consistent and tasty. Plus, with multiple locations, it’s pretty convenient.

western: modern toilet.

date january 19, 2010

contact 2F, No. 7, Lane 50, Xi Ning South Road, Wan Hua District, Taipei/02.2311.8822/台北市萬華區西寧南路50巷7號2樓

hours Monday-Friday 11:30am-10pm/Saturday-Sunday 11am-10:30pm

price 200-250NT

rating (3 out of 5 hearts)

website www.moderntoilet.com.tw

nearest mrt ximen(西門捷運站)

I’d seen the pictures of food that comes in brightly colored toilets and decided that for the novelty of it I wanted to try it out. Since I had friends in town from California, figured now would be as good a time as any to try it.

inside modern toilet.

The inside of modern toilet is definitely unique: you sit on toilet seats and eat on bathtub tables. It’s really cute and kind of cool, but definitely not something I’d do on a regular basis.

the menu.

The menu is pretty eclectic. They have all kinds of things from pastas to curry, from gratin to steaks. Their most popular dishes are marked with a little poop on the menu. All pastas, gratins, hot plates, and meals come with soup, a side dish, and a drink that can be substituted at a 1/2 off discount. I decided to go with their signature curry chicken (190NT).

signature curry chicken meal 190NT (招牌馬桶咖哩雞)

According to the menu the curry chicken is one of their most popular dishes. It was good, not great or special, but still tasty. It has a little spice to it which was nice (and not a surprise as it’s labeled on the menu as being spicy). The chicken was a little dry and I wished there was more vegetables in it, but the flavor of the curry was good, more salty than sweet which I prefer. The seaweed soup it came with was your average seaweed soup. I was not a huge fan of the side dish that looked like a mixture of seaweed, vegetables and tofu skin. You can request your tea to have no sugar if you want, I didn’t and liked it just as it was.

One of my friends opted for the Mediterranean Seafood Pasta (220NT) which she said was good, also nothing spectacular. The other two opted for the Pork Cordon Bleu. Both of them were very happy with it and I thought it was pretty good too.

ice cream (part of the meal).

Last thing was the ice cream. It comes in a cute little squatting toilet served like poop. It’s has a much icier consistency than regular soft serve and also has a different sweetness.

Overall I think that Modern Toilet is okay. The food is mediocre, but for the novelty of it all I’d try it again. If you want a fun experience go to Modern Toilet, just don’t expect gourmet style food.