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extraordinary desserts.

date 11.29.08

contact 1430 Union Street/San Diego, CA 92101/619.294.7001

hours Mon-Thurs 8:30am-11:00pm/Fri 8:30am-Midnight/Sat 10:00am-Midnight/Sun 11:00am-Midnight

price <$10 (per slice of cake)


I went home to San Diego for Thanksgiving and met up with my friend Kris for some dessert. I’d heard a lot about Extraordinary Desserts from several different people and figured I had to go check it out myself. I love desserts and this place definitely did not disappoint.

Finding Extraordinary was quite the adventure. Getting lost, driving down one way streets, crazy u-turns, lots of screaming and then wah-lah, we were there.

1430 Union Street, San Diego, CA 92101
Extraordinary Desserts: 1430 Union Street, San Diego, CA 92101

First thing you see when you walk in the door are the display cases with the beautiful cakes. I was in awe of how pretty and delicious everything looked. I’m horrible at making decisions and I love all desserts, so choosing a cake was oh so very hard.  Everything was decorated beautifully; almost too pretty to eat, almost.

One of the displays of cakes.
One of the displays of cakes.

The restaurant is pretty big inside. It’s kind of empty looking except for the crazy large Buddha statues which seem kind of strange. I did like the back wall though; the holes with light shining through was pretty cool looking.

Inside Extraordinary Desserts in downtown San Diego.
Inside Extraordinary Desserts in downtown San Diego.

Anyways, after lots of staring, Kris and I narrowed it down to two; the Torta Misu and the La Bete Noire. In the end, we chose the La Bete Noire($8.50).

La Bete Noire.
La Bete Noire.

The description of the cake is what ultimately sold us: “Vanilla Creme Brulee, Chocolate Mousse, and Chocolate Truffle Cream are layered in between Dark Chocolate Cake moistened with Madagascar Vanilla Bean.” I must say this slice of cake was a little slice of heaven. It was moist and creamy and just so good. Yes it’s rich, I mean, come on now, but it’s worth it. Kris and I shared a slice and it was the perfect amount of sweetness for us. Both of us are dessert whores and this slice of cake hit the spot. The slice was sitting in a pool of chocolate and some kind of cream. It was already pretty moist, but dipping it into the sauce made it that much better.

I’d come back again to try something else. There are so many choices and everything looks so good that you feel the need to go back and try everything. The service, however, is lacking. Once our waitress took our order and brought it to us we never saw her again. We tried flagging her down several times and it was like she was ignoring us. We resorted to asking the bus boy for a to-go box and for the check. Even then, there was still a long wait for that. Service aside, go to Extraordinary Desserts if you like sweets. Sure it’s a little expensive, but it’s worth it.