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korean: gyeongju korean restaurant (慶州館)

date august 24, 2011

contact No. 62-2, Fuxing N. Rd., Songshan District, Taipei City/台北市中山區復興北路62號1樓之2/02.2776.9928/02.2781.4931

hours 7 days a week [lunch] 11:00-14:00 [dinner] 17:00-21:30

price 300-600NT per person (+10% service charge)

rating ♥♥♥♥ (4 out of 5 hearts)

nearest mrt Nanjing E. Rd. MRT (捷運南京東路站)

I really love Korean food, a lot. My friend Mike and I decided to get dinner Saturday night and settled on Korean food. We originally wanted to go to MinDong Korean Restaurant (明洞館), but couldn’t get a reservation. So after further research, Mike found Gyeongju Korean Restaurant via hungry girl’s blog and so we decided to give it a go.

Gyeongju Korean Restaurant is south of Nanjing E. Rd. MRT station on Fuxing N. Rd., about a 5-10 minute walk from the station. The entrance on Fuxing N. Rd. is kind of hard to see, as it is inside a building and there is no sign visible from the street; it is next-door to a Cosmed and on the first floor of the building. From pictures, it looks like if you go around the backside of the building the restaurant has a huge sign, but I did not see it.

It looks like the restaurant has two floors, although I didn’t get to see the upstairs. The downstairs has maybe 10-12 tables, each equipped with a flame for bbqing. We got there around 8:15pm and were sat right away, although when Mike had originally called at 7pm they said they were full.

The entire menu is in Chinese, English, and Korean. There are also pictures of everything on the menu for visuals. The first page of the menu has set meals for groups of two, three, and four plus. After looking over the menu Mike and I decided to do the two person set meal (二人套餐) for 880NT. This is a pretty great deal. It comes with five “courses”:

– BBQ choice of beef, lamb, or pork (鍋盤烤肉 牛或羊或豬)
– Seafood Onion Pancake or Spicy Broiled Rice Cake with Chili Sauce (海鮮煎餅或辣炒年糕)
– Traditional Korean Stone Pot Rice or Soybean Paste Noodles (石鍋拌飯或韓式炸醬麵)
– Stewed Spicy Tofu Soup or Keip (Seaweed) Soup (豆腐辣湯或海帶湯)
– Six side dishes (Banchan) (小菜六種)

We chose the beef, seafood onion pancake, traditional Korean stone pot rice, and stewed spicy tofu soup.

First thing that came out was the banchan (side dishes). From top left (clockwise) there was spicy pickled cucumbers, seaweed, cabbage kimchi, radish kimchi, bean sprouts, and fish cake. I thought all of the side dishes were pretty good. Nothing was that spicy. The kimchi was pretty good, it had a good balance of vinegar, spice, and sweet. I prefer my kimchi to be more on the vinegary side, so this was good for me.

I think I expected the bbq to be a grill, but it was more of a “grill” in the center with a moat of broth around the edge for vegetables. The beef was pretty good and tasted like it was marinated; it had a slight sweetness.

When the stewed spicy tofu soup, sundubu jjigae, came out it looked like it was going to be spicy. In reality, it really wasn’t. The bright red layer of oil is misleading. Nonetheless, the soup was pretty good. There was seafood (octopus and clams) in the soup and overall was pretty good. It had a good seafood flavor to it, although it could have been spicier.

The seafood onion pancake was probably my least favorite thing in the set. It’s not that it was bad, it was just a little bland. I felt like the pancake was really doughy and didn’t have enough filling.

The traditional Korean stone pot rice (stone pot bibimbap) was not bad. It was pretty standard, pretty tasty, and came to us already mixed. There were the standard vegetables in it, nothing weird or unusual. It could have used more spice, like most of the things we had, but overall it was good.

The waitress said that this was brown sugar mochi with red bean filling. The texture wasn’t really mochi like, it was more jelly like. I wasn’t a huge fan.

I’m not really sure what this drink is, but it came to us with the mochi. It tasted like a really light almond tea, although I’m not sure what it actually was. It was good though.

For the most part I thought this place was pretty great. The set meal for two was a pretty good deal. For less than 500NT each we got a lot of variety and were pretty full. I would definitely come back and try some of the other things they have on the menu.