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dessert/night market: orange elephant banana roti (橘象香蕉煎餅)

date november 22, 2011

contact Raohe Night Market at Bade-Songxin entrance/饒河夜市 - 八德松信路口

hours 7 days a week 18:00-24:00

price 55NT per roti

rating ♥♥♥ (4 out of 5 hearts)

nearest mrt Houshanpi MRT (捷運後山埤站‎)

One of my favorite night markets in Taipei is Raohe Night Market (饒河夜市) near Songshan Train Station (松山火車站); the nearest MRT station is Houshanpi (後山埤), where the famous clothing shopping area Wufenpu (五分埔) is. Walking from Houshanpi to Raohe takes you about 10 minutes.

Raohe is particularly famous as a food night market. Among it’s most popular snacks (小吃) are the Fuzhou Black Pepper Pork Buns (福州胡椒餅) and pork bone stew (藥燉排骨). Something pretty unique to Raohe is the banana roti stand, Orange Elephant Banana Roti (橘象香蕉煎餅), at the Bade-Songxin entrance.

Orange Elephant is down the left side of Raohe from the Bade-Songxin entrance. It seems to be pretty popular because every time I’ve gone I’ve had to wait in line. They only serve two things at Orange Elephant: banana roti (香蕉煎餅/55NT) and Thai iced tea (泰式奶茶/40NT).

Notice the giant yellow tub of butter? The banana roti is fried up on a flat grill with A LOT of butter. Each roti has one whole banana chopped up in it. The roti comes with condensed milk drizzled on the top, but you can also choose to have chocolate sauce and/or honey drizzled on it as well. I’ve had it with chocolate sauce and condensed milk, and with all three. I think I prefer to just have the chocolate sauce and condensed milk; with all three it’s a little sweeter than I prefer.

No matter how many sauces you want, each banana roti is 55NT. So delicious. The outside skin or wrap is nice and crisp. The bananas are nice and warm and all together, it’s just a bite of deliciousness. I also recommend the Thai iced tea here. Each cup is 40NT and pretty tasty, not too sweet.

Anyways, if you’re looking for something sweet at Raohe, I recommend giving Orange Elephant’s banana roti a try. It’s a sweet, warm, gooey treat!