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bar/lounge: dazzling champagne dining bar

date september 17, 2011

contact No. 28, Songshou Rd., Xinyi District, Taipei City (enter through the first floor of Neo19 on Songren Rd.)/台北市信義區松壽路28號(Neo19一樓請由松仁路入口進場)/02.2723-0068

hours Sunday-Tuesday & Thursday 17:30-01:00 :: Wednesday & Friday-Saturday 17:30-02:30

price 300NT and up

rating ♥♥♥ (3 out of 5 hearts)

nearest mrt Taipei City Hall MRT (捷運市政府站)

website (Chinese Only)

I realized that I’ve never done a review for a bar/lounge. So here it is. I ended up at Dazzling Champagne randomly with friends on Saturday night. After trying to figure out where to go we ended up at Neo19 and then at Dazzling Champagne.

Dazzling Champagne is located at Neo19 near the entrance to the club Room 18 on Songshou Rd. (松壽路) and is right next to In House; it is at the old location of Roxy Roots. For those who have enjoyed honey toast at Dazzling Cafe, this is the bar/lounge branch of the Dazzling chain and has just recently opened up.

The bar at Dazzling Champagne runs along the entire back wall of the premises. They seem to have a decent selection of alcohol, which is displayed along the wall. They also have Hoegaarden and Guinness on tap.

There is a decent amount of space inside the bar/lounge. Lots of tables and a lot of standing room. I’m not sure what the minimum is for a table, or if they have one since it is also a restaurant, but all the tables were full when we were there.

The DJ is right at the entrance. I’m not sure if the area in front of the DJ is supposed to be a dance floor or if patrons just turned it into one. The music on Saturday night was a house/hip-hop mix. Not bad, not great. It was loud, which doesn’t make Dazzling Champagne a great place to sit and have a conversation, but then again most popular lounges aren’t.

They have drink menus strewn about the bar top that are tiny and cute. Inside the menu are all their signature drinks, which are all girl names, with pictures, prices, and drink ingredients. All of their specialty drinks ranged from 300NT to 450NT. After already having a few gin based drinks at Marquee, I decided to stick with gin and ended up with Christina for 350NT. Christina is made up of Hendrick’s Gin (one of my favorite gins), Cointreau, lemon juice, grapefruit juice and a sprig of rosemary for 350NT. I thought the drink was okay. I didn’t really get much of the grapefruit flavor, which was kind of disappointing. Also, I think the rosemary was just there for looks because I didn’t get anything from the sprig that was placed in my drink. I did like that this drink was not very sweet, more citrus because I don’t like sweet drinks (I’m more of a savory girl). With all that said, I don’t know that I’d ever feel the need to get this drink again. It wasn’t bad. It wasn’t great. It was just another drink.

Michael ended up with Jennifer which had Stoli vodka, Japanese green tea, and simple syrup. Jennifer is the cheapest drink on their specialty drinks menu at 300NT. I personally was not a fan. It was too sweet for my liking, but then again I generally drink dirty gin martini’s. The drink itself was a pretty intense looking green. It looked like they used matcha green tea powder because it tasted like it, too. However, Michael and his friend thought the drink was okay. I would say that if you like sweet drinks and like green tea flavoring this is the drink for you.

They have a lot of food on the menu, some of which sounds kind of interesting. Starters ranged from around 200NT to 1000NT. The entrees looked like they ranged from about 500NT-1500NT.

Overall I thought that Dazzling Champagne was okay. The guys got two tequila shots (house tequila looked like El Jimador), which came out to be 500NT (250NT a shot). I noticed that at the bottom of their menu they had this warning, “According to the Surgeon General, women should not drink alcoholic beverages during pregnancy because of the risk of birth defects. Excessive drinking endangers health.” Pretty sure they swiped this from some American product. Anyways, I don’t know that I’d ever feel like I needed to come back to Dazzling Champagne, although they did have several champagne cocktails that looked good. Specialty drinks ranged from 300NT to 450NT. If you’re looking for something divey, this is not the bar for you. If you’re looking for something more trendy and popular, this place is kind of cool to check out.