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american/mexican: GoodDay

date April 16, 2011

contact No. 18, Lane 177, Sec. 1, Dun Hua S. Rd., Daan District, Taipei City/台北市大安區敦化南路一段177巷18號/02.8771.9620/fax 02.8771.0703

hours weekdays 11:00-23:00, weekends 11:00-00:00

price <NT300

rating ♥♥ (2 out of 5 hearts)

nearest mrt Zhongxiao Dunhua MRT (忠孝敦化捷運站)


If you’ve ever seen the giant gingerbread man statue wearing a sombrero and wondered what it as for, I can tell you it’s for GoodDay: California Style Mexican Food. I had seen the gingerbread man before, but never really knew what it was for. So, when a friend told me it was a for a place that sold tacos and burgers, I figured, why not give it a try.

GoodDay has a few locations. I remember seeing the gingerbread man at Ximen Ding (西門町) before. The Dunhua location has two floors. We sat on the basement floor; both floors have a decent amount of seating.

I will preface this review with this: as a native Californian this is in no way real Mexican food. I’m not sure what they mean when they claim that they serve “California style Mexican food”, as the store boasts on its storefront, but Mexican food in California is leaps and bounds better. With that said, this place is not bad, it’s just not great.

The menu is pretty eclectic; they have burgers, “Mexican food”, sausages, pizza, etc. Most items range from 180NT-300NT (per person). Most items have the option for ordering the standard portion (標準版) or the “Goodday” portion (原版), which is about 20NT-30NT more than the standard. We were told that the “Goodday” portion is about 25% larger than the standard (note that not all items have this option.). All meals come with tortilla chips, small scoop of macaroni salad, fruit, and your choice of one of four sauces: chedder cheese (切達乳酪醬), salsa (墨式莎莎醬), pico de gallo (經典辣莎莎), and honey mustard (蜂蜜芥末). The pico de gallo is pretty great: a mixture of tomatoes, onions, jalepeno peppers, and corn. One great thing I love about this place is that they have Cholula hot sauce! They also have Tapatio and some scary kelly green habanero sauce.


Stephanie and I decided to split the carnitas torta (卡尼塔豬墨西哥漢堡) for 240NT and the standard portion chicken quesadilla (雞肉香烤墨西哥酥餅) for 180NT.

The carnitas torta was okay. I don’t know that it’s really that torta like, but there was nothing really bad about it, it just wasn’t great. The torta comes in four flavors: pork chop, chicken drumstick, chicken, and carnitas. I personally found the carnitas to be a little dry and lacking in flavor. Inside the torta was the carnitas, shredded lettuce, onions and mayo. Steph was sad there was no cheese, as was I (we are both cheese lovers). We both found the overall sandwhich to be lackluster. The addition of cholula added some needed flavor, but still only made it okay, not a standout. In comparison to the cuban sandwich that Steph had previously ordered from them, she said she preferred the cuban.

The quesadilla comes in three flavors: cheese, beans, and chicken. We decided on chicken. When we asked the girl at the counter about how much cheese would be in it if we chose chicken she said not much, but we figured it’d still be cheesy enough. I mean, it’s a freaking quesadilla. We inquired about adding extra cheese and she said it would be an extra 30NT. In hindsight we should have added the extra cheese. When the quesadilla came out, it was pretty dry. The chicken was pretty well seasoned, and not too dry; however, there was not much cheese in it at all. I did like that there was a hint of spice in the quesadilla. I’m not sure if it was because they used a pepper jack cheese or if they just had some jalepeno in it. Either way, I was a fan of the flavor. All it needed was some more cheese and this would have been much better.

We went with a group so a lot of other things were ordered. They had a 3 for 250NT taco deal going on. 12 different flavors of soft tacos (塔可夾餅) to choose from: steak, beef, shrimp, fish, carnitas, honey mustard chicken, veggie, pork chop, sausage, chicken, chicken fajita, and smoked chicken. I think our table ended up with like 4 orders of various flavors. From the sounds of it everyone was happy enough and they looked pretty decent.

You can also get hard tacos (酥炸塔可), although I think our group preferred the soft.

William decided to get a beef burrito (牛肉波利多捲) for 200NT.

Overall this place isn’t bad. It’s just not great. Steph mentioned that the quesadilla was not as dry the last time she got it. In the end, I don’t know that I’d necessarily go back to GoodDay, but it’s not because it was bad, it’s just because there is so much other stuff to eat in Taipei.