taiwanese: seventy-two beef noodle (七十二牛肉麵)

date 12.02.2009

contact No. 188, Sec. 1, Jian-Guo South Road, Da-An District, Taipei/02.2752.5970/台北市大安區建國南路一段188號

hours Monday-Saturday 11am-2am, Sunday 11am-9pm

price 100-200NT

rating ♥♥♥ (3 out of 5 hearts)

My goal is to go to every 4 star rated beef noodle store in Taipei, according to the 2009 New Row Mian Festival Guide. Seventy-two Beef Noodle was first on that list of places to try. After seeing the picture of the white broth soup, a group of us decided we had to see what was so great about it.


spicy steamed stinky tofu (30NT)

First excuse the crappy photo. My camera died and my boyfriend’s camera does not like the indoors or things too close to its lens. While the boys went to find drinks, we spotted something that looked like stinky tofu and decided we had to order it. It ended up being spicy steamed stinky tofu (麻辣臭豆腐). For 30NT this was definitely worth it. The meat that is on top of is is pretty good and the sauce was tasty. It didn’t taste mala/spicy to me though, but still good.

clear broth beef noodle (130NT)

Honestly, I think we all had really high expectations of what this broth would taste like. At first sip the clear broth beef noodle (清燉牛肉麵) does not taste very rich. The cloudy color of the broth is from the ox bones they use to make it. According to their menu, they brew the broth for 72 hours with ox bones. The bone taste if very prevalent; you definitely know you’re drinking bone soup. While the soup is rich in the bone flavor, I felt like it lacked other  flavor. They have chili sauce on the table as well as rose salt (玫瑰鹽), which if you add a little of both, we thought enhanced the broth tremendously. I think the biggest problem was the noodles, which didn’t soak up any of the broth taste. As a result the noodles were bland, and since the broth was light, the noodles with the soup made everything taste bland. The beef, however, was good and very tender. One other thing the soup was lacking was a vegetable.

Honestly, I liked the broth, but I think when I go to eat beef noodles I expect rich flavor. This just wasn’t what I was expecting. While this bowl was different, it was still good, and definitely worth a try.

broth stewing at seventy-two beef noodle.

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