thai: 曼谷燒 (Màngǔshāo)


date 10.06.2009

contact Roosevelt Road Sec.3 Lane 286 No. 18, Da An District, Taipei/02.2363.0081/台北市大安區羅斯福三段286巷18號1樓

hours [lunch]11:30am-2:00pm [dinner]5:pm-9:30pm

price <150NT

rating ♥♥♥ (3 of 5 hearts)

After walking around Gong Guan for a while weighing our options we decided on 曼谷燒 (Màngǔshāo) or Bangkok Fever (or not. shāo has so many definitions, to cook, to roast, to burn, fever, so I just picked the one I liked best).  One of the reasons we picked it was because there were a lot of people waiting to eat there, so we figured it had to at least be decent for people to wait.

Bangkok Fever is located right next to the famous Taiwanese sausage wrapped in a rice sausage place in Gong Guan. The restaurant is very small only fitting maybe 15 people max. There is another Thai place right next door. It is NOT the same place, and I’ve heard that place is not good. Anyways, you have to order first. The menu is in Chinese and English and there are pictures of most of the items. I went with the Combo #1 Coconut Curry Chicken and BBQ Pork 110NT (1號餐 椰汁雞+烤肉飯) while Dan opted for the BBQ Pork meal 85NT (泰式烤肉飯).

inside 曼谷燒.
inside 曼谷燒.

There is free water, hopefully not tap, but way better is the free Lemon Ai-yu stuff (愛玉佞檸檬). Our food came pretty quick and it was tasty. Both of our dishes came with slightly different sides. The sauteed bean sprouts and mixed tofu thing  were really good on mine. The sauteed greens could have been better; they were just too bitter for my taste and not cooked enough. The curry was good IF you like ginger, which I happen to love. You couldn’t really taste the coconut at all, it was more like ginger curry, but the chicken was good and the curry was tasty. The bbq pork was really good too. Tender and really flavorful. My one complaint is that they don’t give you very much meat. I could have done with less rice and a more meat, but I guess that’s why it’s cheap.

combination #1 (110NT)
combination #1 (110NT)

One thing Dan got that I didn’t was this really tasty piece of deep fried onion. I love onions and this was a nice suprise. Dan’s dish also came with the Thai style kimchee which was good, kind of sweet, but good.

thai style bbq pork (85NT)
thai style bbq pork (85NT)

Overall this place is decent. Give it a try if you quick good food. I wouldn’t exactly classify this place as “authentic Thai food” but it’s good, and if anything the free Lemon Ai-yu is worth it.

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