date 01.22.09

contac2815 California St(between Broderick & Divisadero)/San Francisco, CA 94115/415.931.1182

hours [lunch] Mon.-Fri. 11am-2pm [dinner] Mon-Thu. 5:30pm-10:30pm, Fri-Sat. 5:30pm-11:30pm

price $10-$30


When I asked Dan what he wanted to eat for his 24th birthday he said sushi sounded good, so off I went to find the best sushi in San Francisco. Yelpers had rated Tataki the number 2 sushi bar in San Francisco, so I was hoping that yelpers wouldn’t let me down. They didn’t.

As I began driving toward the Marina District of San Francisco Dan recognized where we were. I spotted Tataki and proceeded to look for parking that was rather impossible to find. Luckily since it was a Thursday night it only took us maybe 5 or 6 circles around the block before we found parking about a block and half away. Much closer than either of expected to find. Once we entered, the first thing we noticed was how small it was. The sushi bar sits 4 and there were probably about 10 tables total. We arrived around 7:30pm and were sat right away.

Inside Tataki.
Inside Tataki.

To be honest, I found the decor to be rather pretentious, but I guess we were close to the Marina in San Francisco, so what else did I expect. The reviews all mentioned that Tataki is also the first fully sustainable sushi bar in San Francisco. I thought that was kind of cool, but really, whatever.

The menu here is pretty small, which is good for those who don’t do well with too many choices. Although there weren’t that many choices listed on the menu, I still felt like I had a lot to choose from because everything sounded delicious. After reading some reviews on yelp I thought the Tataki Deluxe would be a good choice and Dan thought it sounded good too. Since it was Dan’s birthday I told him to pick the rest. He ended up choosing the Extinguisher  roll and the Golden State roll. We also decided to get a bottle of Nigori.

First thing that came out was the Tataki Deluxe ($30). There are no words to describe how amazing this was. It was described on the menu as an assortment of 20 pieces of seared fish with dipping sauces, which sounded amazing and it was. It came in a large round wooden platter: 4 slices of 5 types of fish with 5 sauces, one for each fish. The Deluxe came with Kanpachi served with jalapeno ponzu sauce, Arctic Char served with yuzu citrus sauce, Albacore served with garlic sauce, Skipjack Tuna served with garlic sauce, and Yellowfin Tuna served with tataki sauce. Every piece of fish was fresh, tender, and melted in our mouths. Dan’s favorite was the Kanpachi which was also served with a slice of avocado and a grilled jalapeno slice. My favorite was probably the Skipjack Tuna that had garlic crumbs sprinkled on top or the Yellowfin Tuna. For $30 you get a taste of everything and it’s so worth it.

Skipjack Tuna, Albacore, Yellowfin Tuna, Arctic Char, and Kanpachi.
Tataki Deluxe ($30): Clockwise starting at the top left: Skipjack Tuna, Albacore, Yellowfin Tuna, Arctic Char, and Kanpachi.

Next came out the Golden State roll($15). Our expectations were high considering how much we loved the Tataki Deluxe and the Golden State did not disappoint. Spicy scallops with diced apple topped with albacore, avocado and 24k gold flakes, the Golden State roll was tasty! I love scallops and the apple with the scallops worked surprisingly. I was skeptical when I read the description, but the apply added a nice texture to the roll along with a subtle sweetness. Since scallops are already sweet, the flavor the apple complimented it.

Golden State Roll ($15)
Golden State Roll ($15)

Last came out the Extinguisher roll ($13). A good majority of the yelp reviews had mentioned this roll and it sounded good to us. Spicy amberjack topped with avocado, habanero masago, and hot sauce sounded good to us. It came out on fire, literally. That we were not expecting, but was pretty cool. They had a little mountain of salt lit on fire beside the roll when it came out, so props for presentation. The roll itself was great. I thought it was just the right spiciness. Spicy enough to feel the heat, but not too spicy to kill your palette. I’d definitely get it again.

The Extinguisher Roll ($13)
The Extinguisher Roll ($13)

Overall for $85 after a 20% tip we were extremely satisfied. The Deluxe, two rolls, and bottle of Nigori($10) was just about the perfect amount to share between the two of us. Other than the pretentious decor, there isn’t anything I don’t like about Tataki. We absolutely will be making several trips back to Tataki. You should try it too. I dare you.


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