berry swirl.

date 11.30.08

contact 3613 Ocean Ranch Blvd, Suite 105/Oceanside, CA 92056/760.453.2765

hours Sun-Thurs Noon-9:00pm/Fri & Sat Noon-11:00pm

price <$5 ($0.36/ounce; price by ounce)

When the  frozen yogurt craze hit the US I was studying abroad in Taiwan. Pinkberry was the first place I tasted what all the fuss was about. After that I became addicted to Yogurtland’s self-serve yogurt in Irvine. I loved the idea of being able to put freshly cut fruit and chopped almonds on my original tart yogurt. When I moved back to my hometown of Oceanside after graduating I was pleased to find out they had opened a Berry Swirl 5 minutes from my house.

Swirl it. Top it. Buy it.
Swirl it. Top it. Buy it.

On a daily basis Berry Swirl has 12 different flavors. The staples like vanilla, chocolate, and original tart are always there. Last time I went, around Thanksgiving, they had a pumpkin flavor that was amazing. They usually have tasting cups at the front and if they don’t, just ask, they’ll give one to you. The cup sizes are kind of intense. I feel like they have big and really big, but I guess it’s helpful if you like lots of toppings.

The yogurt bar.
The yogurt bar.

My favorite is the original tart. Growing up my favorite drink as a kid was this Asian yogurt drink (養樂多 for those who can read Mandarin) and the original tart reminds me of it. The yogurt isn’t as good as Yogurtland’s or Pinkberry’s. It’s a little more thick and heavy tasting, but still good. I like the iciness of Pinkberry’s yogurt and the flavor of Yogurtland’s yogurt better. The nice thing about Berry Swirl is that the fruit is fresh and not all mushed up like at some other self-serve places. They tend to keep the toppings area pretty nice and clean and the fruit is always freshly cut. They have a huge variety of toppings too which is nice. Pretty much anything you can think of to put on your yogurt they have. I usually go for strawberries, mango, mochi, and almonds (mangos and blueberries when they’re in season).

Plain tart with strawberries, mango, mochi, and almond slices.
Plain tart with strawberries, mango, mochi, and almond slices.

Overall, Berry Swirl is a good place to go get a nice light dessert. There are plenty of chairs and the place never really seems that crowded. It’s located in the newly industrialized part of Oceanside so I feel like a lot of people still don’t know that it’s there. So if you like yogurt, go to Berry Swirl.

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